Hate Meal-Planning and can't find the perfect Meal-Kit?

This app gives you the best of both worlds!

Meal-planning made easier than meal-kits!

How it works:

Just Set Your Budget And GO!

Experience the difference:

Other apps just add ingredients to a list and create tons of leftovers....

MealKitMaker actually figures out and matches leftover ingredients to new recipes for you!


 Use full-size regular ingredients


Match leftovers to more recipes


Set the budget to fit you!


The app does all the work for you!

Watch the video for more information.


We are in business to help people enjoy the taste and avoid the waste.

With food waste being a huge problem, we knew something had to be done! But how do you get people to waste less food quickly? By making it easier than ever before to enjoy the taste and avoid the waste. – -So easy it would be like picking recipes from a restaurant menu. With personalized recipe labels Mealkitmaker.com makes it easy to see which recipes make sense to make next. You can even enjoy the app without entering any ingredients in to begin with. Keeping your inventory updated is even easier, just check off your automated grocery list and review your recipes.  We invite you to join us in our mission of reducing waste in better taste with our free app!